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Wemix Drum Mixer

In order to minimize transfer waste and save capital investment, many manufacturers choose to do their mixing right in the drum where they receive their product. In order to do that appropriately Wemix has developed a line of drum agitators that attach in a variety of ways to the 220 Litre drum. Some of our 220 Litre drum agitators clamp on to the side or a stand placed next to the drum. Others prefer to replace the lid on an open top drum with a Drum Lid Mount drum mixer. For closed drums, the bung mount mixer has folding impellers that open up when the motor is activated. Other options include paddle mixers, axial flow turbines, Folding Umbrella Impeller.

Wemix do serve different kind of industry therefore you can either choose from below to suit customer working environment.

  • Single Phase Motor
  • Three Phase AC Motor
  • Air Motor
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