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Wemix Right Angle Mixer - TWY Series


WEMIX Right Angle series mixer is ideal for mixing tank with low headroom application. Right Angle series mixer handles fluid up to 200 m3, with power of motor from 0.12kW to 7.5kW and output shaft diameter up to 45mm. Available shaft speed ranged from 14 to 290 RPM. We do provide larger sizes mixers too upon discussion.


WEMIX Right Angle series mixer is among the most popular mixers in our range of products. Not only it is reasonably priced, it possesses a few advantages such as ease of installation and maintenance. One can easily access to the gearbox fixation points thus reducing assembly and installation time. The bottom frame of the gearbox is coupled with a customised housing, further enhances the mixer during continuous duty.


Our customised cast iron housing acts as a pedestal for the mixer, creates a foundation for bearing strength and support long agitator shaft. The customised housing further absorb shock and prevent vibration which will protect the life span of the mixer and the gearbox. Please refer to table 1.1 for the PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) dimension of our customised housing for each mixer. The high efficiency gearbox features permanent synthetic oil long-life lubrication (viscosity grade 230) and high tensile strength sealed. This ensures bearing and oil life and reduces the chance of oil leakage even under vigorous mixing condition.


Our WEMIX right angle mixer is designed as per your application demands. We have a wide variety of impeller selections, from hydrofoils to 3 High Efficiency Impellers. The materials of our standard shaft and blades are SS304, however, do contact our sales personnel if your application requires SS316 materials or reinforced-coating materials, depending on your chemicals mixed.

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