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About Us

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For over the past few decades, WEMIX has specialized in the manufacture of quality agitators and mixers for water treatment, process solutions and manufacturing industries worldwide. Serving industries as diverse as waste water treatment, food process, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, lube oils and petrochemicals.

WEMIX is aiming to become the elite in the mixing Industries. The key to this success is based on the professionalism and commitment WEMIX shows to each of our customer’s demand. Whether to supply standard range of mixers or to customise equipment to suit our customer’s mixing applications, WEMIX assured that quality is guaranteed. For this reason, WEMIX has gained a wealth of mixing experience and knowledge when developing new high shear mixing techniques to meet these requirements. We strive to provide our customer with both service and mixing tips to solve all kinds of mixing variables and those of the future.

WEMIX has continually emphasised the science and art behind every mixing industry. Spurring on its success, WEMIX constantly uses our expertise to impart the mixing solutions we have confronted, thus instilling the motto below.

"BEYOND water solutions, WEMIX what’s possible."